Collection: Fabric Dyes, Mordants, Cyanotype Kits and Solutions and Gift Cards, Fabric Paints

Immerse yourself in the interesting creative pastime of Fabric Dyeing and Cyanotype Printing. Here you'll find fabric dyes, mordants and cyanotype chemical kits.

Cyanotype is one of the oldest photographic printing process, utilising the UV rays from the sun and iron salt solutions to create beautiful shades of blue. The eco-friendly process involves painting an emulsion on paper, fabric and many other surfaces, which is then placed in the sun to aid exposure to produce a rich cyan-blue print. Cyanotype allows you to create all manner of patterns and designs using pressed plant material, pieces of lace and transparencies. 

Cyanotype is a great little experiment to do at home with young children or for anyone who loves to be creative. This range of Cyanotype kits and solutions are elegantly boxed, ready for gift giving.