Collection: Fabric Flower Makers and Puff Quilting Sets

Add charm and personalise your projects with one of these clever fabric flower templates from Clover.

Clover Flower Frill templates, available in a variety of sizes, allow you to create beautiful frilly fabric flowers with ease. Each reusable firm cardboard template can be used to make fabric flowers for decorating and embellishing clothing, gifts, bags,hats, home decor accents and a host of other items.

Kanzashi is the Japanese art form of folding and stitching fabric petals, which are then used to create beautifully decorative fabric flowers. Each plastic Kanzashi Flower Maker allows you to create fabulous fabric flowers, with each template creating unique shapes and sizes - oh, the creative possibilities!

Here you'll also find Puff Quilting Clips - a clever way of creating fabric motifs, perfect for dimensional quilting and sewing.

For sizes and specifications please see the description for each individual pack.

Please note that these templates are not suitable for thick fabrics.