Collection: KnitPro Zing Aluminium Fixed Circular Knitting Needles - 80cm

These KnitPro Zing fixed circular knitting needles are two single needles connected by a flexible cable. They are ideal for knitting both small and large knitting projects in the round, as well as the perfect knitting needle solution when your project calls for a large number of stitches that can't fit on a standard straight knitting needle, such as for a blanket or afghan. 

Zing fixed circular knitting needles are made from superior grade lightweight aluminium, providing a smooth glide for all yarns. The needle points are tapered and ideal for all type of yarns and  projects.  KnitPro Zing fixed circular knitting needles feature a smooth needle to cable join, ensuring minimum snagging, plus the no-kink  flexible cable lays flat, making the needles easy to store. KnitPro Zing needles are the perfect choice for fast knitters looking for a responsive needle with little friction. Needle sizes are laser printed on each of the colourful needles for long wear. The 80cm length is inclusive of the overall needle and cable length.