Collection: KnitPro Nova Metal Fixed Circular Knitting Needle - 25cm

These KnitPro Nova Fixed Circular Knitting Needles are two single, metal needles connected by a flexible cable, and are the obvious choice for those who prefer a metal needle. Exceptionally light on the hands, smooth and durable, helping you to speed up your knitting (even for lace)!

Nova Fixed Circular Knitting Needles from KnitPro are smooth to touch, and feature gradually tapered points with a shiny polished surface. The smooth join between cable and needle allows stitches to glide with ease with no snagging, making these needles a knitter’s delight! The resilient and flexible cables lay flat with no kink or twist making them easy to handle and to store.

Needle sizes are laser printed on each of the needles for long wear. The 25cm length is inclusive of the overall needle and cable length, making them the perfect option for small projects or smaller elements within a garment, such as decreases for knit-in-the-round beanies and hats, as well as sleeves and cuffs. Especially useful for those who find sets of four needles cumbersome or difficult to handle.

Affordably priced and durable, this is a needle for everyone, from beginner to experienced hands.

Why Use KnitPro Knitting Needles?

KnitPro offers a quality driven, innovative approach to knitting and crochet tools and accessories, offering great products at an attractive price. Their products are made in an eco-friendly family owned enterprise that supports inclusion, human rights and fair wage employment for women. Read more about KnitPro's work philosophy here.