Collection: KnitPro Symfonie Double Pointed Knitting Needles 10cm-15cm-20cm

Make a decorative addition to your knitting needle collection with a selection from our range of KnitPro Symfonie Double Pointed Knitting Needles. If you suffer from hand fatigue, or are tired of losing stitches off your metal double pointed needles, these are the perfect solution!

KnitPro Symfonie Double Pointed Knitting needles are made of highly polished, multi-coloured laminated birchwood. These popular needles are strong yet lightweight, beautifully combining tapered points with a smooth needle surface, giving the discerning knitter hours of knitting pleasure with minimal hand fatigue. The Symfonie needle's coloured timber in combination with its unusual chevron mark, give these needles their unique appearance, and provide a helpful contrast to most yarn colours.

These double pointed knitting needles are ideal for making smaller knit-in-the-round projects such as socks, hats, sleeves, cuffs, and collars, as well as knitting i-cords.

Each pack includes a set of five, KnitPro Symfonie Double Pointed Knitting Needles. Needle length varies depending on your selection. Please click on individual sizes for full details.

Why Use KnitPro Knitting Needles?

KnitPro offers a quality driven, innovative approach to knitting and crochet tools and accessories, offering great products at an attractive price. Their products are made in an eco-friendly family owned enterprise that supports inclusion, human rights and fair wage employment for women. Read more about KnitPro's work philosophy here.